The holidays are a great time for reminiscing about all the festive times we’ve celebrated with family and friends through the years. Which reminds me of that Christmas when I received one gift that really stands out.

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While I’ve been a part of many wonderful Christmases, I think the one gift that really stands out was given to me by my grandparents when I was around 8 or 9 years old. It was a replica Green Bay Packers helmet (now, keep in mind, I grew up in central Wisconsin, only about 90 miles west of Green Bay) and there was no way I’d thought I’d get one, because back then, NFL jerseys and team merchandise were much tougher to find.

But somehow, probably thanks to my uncle who lives in Green Bay, my grandparents found the helmet for me. Needless to say, I was incredibly surprised– and incredibly happy– when I opened that round-looking package under the tree and found the familiar yellow helmet with the green and white stripe and green ‘G’ on the sides. It’s still a vivid Christmas memory for me now, some 35 years later.

Meanwhile, Quick Country 96.5 listeners shared their most memorable Christmas presents, too. Roxanne said her most memorable present was "A pair of cowgirl go along with my horse!"

 Kim said it was "A cabbage patch doll my mom made!"

Jayme said her most memorable present was "A Christmas ornament from my great grandpa. It was the year my great grandma had a stroke (she was always in charge of Christmas). The ornament gets hung every year on our tree. It brings back many memories."

And, Richard said, "My Daughter, even though she was born in February!"

Merry Christmas, everybody! And, here's a quick tour of how we've decorated our house for the holidays...

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