I've loved getting to know Rochester, and as I've made the rounds, I've discovered some especially creepy spots. You guys filled me in on the stories of just why they have an eerie presence about them, and here's the creepiest of the creepy.

You've probably been to all of these locations before, but did you know these stories behind why they're just so darn creepy?

  • TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans
    TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans

    The Kahler Hotel

    There are several stories that add the creepiness that is the Kahler Hotel. Built in 1921, it was originally part of Mayo Clinic, and years later turned into a hotel.

    It's past as a hospital, and inclusion in a missing person case makes it very creepy.

  • http://minnesotacemeteries.blogspot.com

    Quarry Hill Cemetery

    Don't you get a creepy feeling when you're walking around this portion of Quarry Hill? I do every time I go.

    It doesn't help that those buried here are former patients of a mental hospital. Currently, just over 2,000 bodies are buried there.

  • Plummer House FB Page
    Plummer House FB Page

    The Plummer House Basement

    There's no factual way to explain this, but you definitely feel like you're not alone when you enter the basement of the Plummer House.

    They explain, "The Plummer House is the former residence of Dr. Henry Stanley Plummer and Daisy Berkman Plummer. Located in Rochester, Minnesota and originally called Quarry Hill, the English Tudor mansion stood on a 65acre estate which included a greenhouse, water tower, garage, and gazebo. The house is also called Henry S. Plummer House."

    You can take tours there today.

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