How can I score an invite to these meetings!? In today's edition of "That's Metal!" we learned that director Kevin Smith treated the production staff of CW's The Flash to a lot of donuts! 1,000 "timbits" from Canada's own Tim Horton's to be exact!

They film in Vancouver, and that's why this stop/order was necessary. Kevin loves a lot of Canadian things! So, I wasn't surprised to see this story at all. We know he's directed an episode of The Flash before, so this might indicate that he's in for another one. He even stopped by the set of Supergirl while he was in town too!

If you're boss treated you to 1,000 of whatever during a meeting, what would want it to be? Donuts? Large pizzas? Hamburgers? Kegs of beer? Okay, maybe the beer thing wouldn't happen - but 1,000 donuts from Tim Horton's is pretty metal! I'm just sad I wasn't part of it.


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