Byron, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester teenager who struck a young Byron girl Wednesday after she got off her school bus had been detained just before that as a suspect in a nearby burglary.

Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kirby Long says the 17-year-old was interviewed about the Byron burglary by a deputy and then released. He was driving down 4th Ave NE near the 10th St intersection when the approaching bus stopped and let the 5-year-old girl off.

She was walking to her home and the driver of the bus could see the teenager was not going to stop, even though the stop sign was extended and the flashing lights were on. Long says the driver of the bus hit his horn but the teen still did not stop and the girl was struck by the side of his car, fell to the ground and one of her legs was run over by the driver’s side rear tire.

Long says the teen stopped and went to the girl’s house where he apologized to her mother and then drove away without leaving his name.

Long says as the teenager was driving away, his father contacted him about the burglary and told him to meet him at the house. A deputy was still there and eventually figured out the teen was the driver of the car that hit the girl.

Long says he expects the teen to face charges in the burglary and the hit-and-run. Long says the girl’s parents took her to St. Marys Hospital to be checked out and she was treated for bruises to her arms and legs.

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