Aeromexico Really Had a Snake on a Plane – [WATCH]
*shudders* LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT FALLS TO THE GROUND!! Ugh, there's a reason I don't like snakes and this is one of them! They are too sneaky! Passengers freaked the hell out (and rightfully so) when a stowaway snake was spotted on board what The Guardian describes as, " an Aeromexico flight from Torreon in the country’s north to Mexico City on Sunday, slithering out from behind an ove
Black Veil Brides’ Singer And Wife Fight On A Plane? [WATCH]
You might have recognized her from The Voice in 2012. Juliet Simms is married to Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack, and apparently they got into a pretty big fight on an airplane. According to TMZ, no one is sure why the fight started or what it was over...
Chinese Couple Tries To Stop Plane, Not A Good Idea
We've all been late to the airport and hurrying to catch a flight at least once, right? Did it ever cross your mind that a great idea to stop the plane would be to sit under it on the tarmac!? Probably not, but for one Chinese couple that was their only option to avoid missing a flight out of Beijing- in their mind...