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Good News About Another Downtown Rochester Restaurant


In September of this year, Potbelly's, in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota, closed up tight.

Potbelly's Sandwich Shop Temporarily Closed...

I made the mistake the other day of trying to grab a salad while I was at work.  Since Potbelly's is about a block from the Townsquare Media building, it is the perfect choice.  Unfortunately, I was met with a sign on the door with the following note:

Our downtown shop is closed for the time being due to short staffing.  Please visit us at our NW location!

Times have changed, and the downtown location of Potbelly's re-opened today! In a Facebook post,

Thrilled to share this pic of our downtown team, busy in the shop training and preparing for our (re)OPENING (Scroll to see photo). As you stop in -- we open Tuesday 12/14! -- don't hesitate to give grace. They're pretty darn great and SO excited to see you!

I love the mention of Giving Grace...or as Oprah called it, "Give yourself the gift" of 10 seconds. We could all use more and likely offer more grace in daily situation where you'd rather smack someone upside the head with a sock full of 1/2 frozen butter.

10 Thoughtful Quotes About Grace

With Potbelly's re-opening their downtown location, the owner asked everyone to practice some grace with her new staff. Grace is an amazing thing, and these 10 thoughts might inspire you to deeper thinking about grace, how to receive it, how to offer it, and how vital it is so our lives don't become a jumble of angry moments.
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