Southeast Minnesota: Finally Some Good News About Traffic Deaths

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office

Preliminary numbers show Minnesota topped 400 traffic fatalities. As a state, it's the earliest we've hit 400 traffic deaths since 2007. However, Southeast Minnesota has been doing much better than the entire state when it comes to traffic fatalities.

Of course, every traffic fatality is tragic and we grieve every loss. On the other hand, it's good to acknowledge the high traffic fatality rate isn't coming from our area. We're safer and that's good news.

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This would be a great example of, "don't just read the headlines." Because if you just read the headlines, you'll see a ton of "Another Crash Takes A Minnesota Life" and never know the full story that almost all of those deaths are in another area of the state. We're much safer drivers. (I know, but it's true!)

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According to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office, in Southeast Minnesota and #OlmstedCounty, our traffic fatalities are the lowest they have been in the last five years as of Oct. 20, 2021. (source)

That is wonderful news. And as we get closer and closer to winter, with the snow, the ice, and the snarled traffic, the best decision is to chill out on the gas pedal and slow down. It is amazing how many problems that one tip solves.


It's also a great time to remember how to drive safely when deer are all over the place.


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