Man, what a bunch of jerks. There were some teenagers that pulled a prank that could have turned out deadly. Fox9 news reports that three teenagers have been arrested after lighting a fireworks display inside a grocery store in Eagan, MN.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon at Hy-Vee in Eagan located at 1500 Central Park Commons Drive. Facebook Group MN Crime has a video of the display on fire circulating social media.

Police and firefighters arrived and they were able to extinguish the fire. However the store had to close in the afternoon because of all of the smoke. Fox9 says that three teenagers age 14,15, and 16 were arrested and released. Dakota County Attorney's Office is considering the charges as they case remains to be investigated.

Is this another example of society not knowing how to behave in public? Recently Rochester Minnesota had to shut down their pools. Not because of the lack of lifeguards that's happening everywhere, but because people were so rude and behaving so poorly.

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Every year at this time we start having complaints about fireworks. As soon as fireworks stands open up you'll start hearing random explosions at night in town. It's also important to know that fireworks are a huge cause of grass fires. We are also experiencing very dry conditions in the region which could quickly lead to a wildfire.

Fortunately in this case the fire department was able to extinguish the blaze before it got out of hand. This could have been a lot worse as nearby fireworks displays could have gone off and the building could have quickly been engulfed in flames. These teens are lucky that nobody got hurt. We'll have to see what charges are filed.

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