Am I writing about them because I met them and dig their music? You bet I am!

For this week's edition of Minnesota Brutal, I decided to mention my new friends Sleep Signals who I met at Northern Invasion last weekend.

You can find them headquartered in Minneapolis. They've been together since 2014, and if you're looking for a hard rock/modern metal/post-hardcore sound, you've found it with them! Check out their new single "I'll Save You"... you won't regret it!

They quickly set me straight on the "cheese curd" debate too! I always wondered if cheese curds were more of a Minnesota or Wisconsin thing ...hell, I just call them a Midwest thing.

However, it was made clear that they think it's a Wisconsin thing!

Trust me, these guys have more amazing things on the way! Stay tuned!

Let me know if you think I should feature a Minnesota band you love next time! Drop me a line here, or on Facebook!


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