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If you get a letter from the City of Rochester, Minnesota, saying the sidewalk in front of your home needs repairs and here's the cost, your first call shouldn't be to the Rochester Public Works Department because you could end up with a $100.00 charge.

photo by Andy Brownell/Townsquare Media-Rochester
photo by Andy Brownell/Townsquare Media-Rochester

Today, Rochester's 5th Ward Councilmember Shaun C Palmer was on Rochester Today. We were talking about various things, then the topic of sidewalk and street assessments came up...

James Rabe: We're talking about assessments and boy, is it a hot topic on social media in person, people get really annoyed when they see that they have to pay X number of dollars for (fixing) a sidewalk...

Shaun Palmer: And, and we have to have a program...every 20 years, we go through a neighborhood and...we go out and we mark an X or a line on it. And then we send out a letter that says this is what it's going to be, this to be the most cost.  And then the homeowner can...can hire somebody on their own. And it costs a hundred dollars for the fee. And in one of the little nuances that people don't realize is if I don't like that and I want to call public works and say, Hey, you know, I want to talk to you about it. We charge you a hundred dollars."

How can you avoid that $100 fee? Call your Rochester City Councilmember.  Palmer says he gets those calls and he'll head out and talk to the person about it, tell 'em what the deal is, why it is, and the options.

So there's a quick way to save $100. 

If sidewalk or street assessments bother you, please, click play and listen to the conversation. We also talk how the assessments are set for projects like on North Broadway (it's not the whole property value that gets assessed). Then, if you have any questions, talk to your councilmember (scroll for info below). 

Download the automatically generated transcript here.

Kim David, Townsquare Media
Kim David, Townsquare Media

Rochester City Council Contact Information

Brooke Carlson, City Council President Office Phone: 507-328-2983

Patrick Keane, City Council Member, 1st Ward Cell Phone: 507-259-2870

Mark Bransford, City Council Member, 2nd Ward Cell Phone: 507-254-4430

Nick Campion, City Council Member, 3rd Ward Phone: 507-722-0078

Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick, City Council Member, 4th Ward Phone: 507-271-1081

Shaun C. Palmer, City Council Member, 5th Ward - Phone: 507-254-9484

Molly Dennis, City Council Member, 6th Ward Phone: 507-269-2916

For addresses, please check the Rochester City Council Page

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