You know what one of the hardest parts about going to work in the morning is? Other than not getting to sleep in? Having to leave your pet at home for the day. If you’re a pet owner, you’ve seen the look in their eyes. They don’t want you to leave!

That’s why I find it interesting that more companies are apparently allowing their employees to bring pets to work. And it’s not just because everyone feels bad about leaving their pooch back at home – some experts are saying that having pets at work can actually improve the mood of the office and even boost productivity. Other benefits include reduced stress, greater work-life balance, reduced guilt about leaving pets at home, better work relationships, the ability to work longer hours, and even higher company loyalty.

So should more companies and businesses in Rochester adopt this policy? We've already debating having dogs in restaurants, but how about the office? I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure a few of my coworkers and I wouldn't mind having daily Cat Parties. There are a few reasons why this might not be a good idea (biting, allergies, destroying furniture, poop, constant barking), but I really could see work being way more fun with pets around. How about you?

Source: Star Tribune

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