Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police officers were sent to check on another reported shooting Monday night and soon learned it involved a drug deal gone bad.

A man and woman from Winona had made arrangements through a social media site to buy some marijuana from a woman in Rochester. They met outside a residence at the Parkside Mobile Home Park around 5:30 PM.

A man who was with the woman took the Winona man went into the residence to buy the marijuana. As they entered, a second man put a gun to the head of the Winona man and demanded his money and phone. The Winona man gave them his phone and $300 and the two then began assaulting him.

The Winona man was afraid he might be shot so he grabbed the gun and it discharged with the bullet striking the floor. The victim was able to get outside but the two continued the assault before leaving with the woman who had set up the drug deal. The victim refused medical treatment.

Police later learned the mobile home where the shot was fired has been vacant since it was damaged by a fire several months ago.

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