The spring and summer I'd say are the most popular times of year for people to get out and about in nature. There are all sorts of state parks to check out and hikes to take. But at some point this spring or summer you may want to consider getting away from the popular spots and checking out this secret waterfall hidden in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Yep, right in the middle of St. Paul is a secret waterfall. Since it's not super well-known, according to Only in Your State, it shouldn't be as busy as something like Minnehaha Falls.

The waterfall is at a park in St. Paul called Shadow Falls Park so the waterfall is fittingly named Shadow Falls. The park looks to be a nice place to hang out in the warmer months. It's right by the University of St. Thomas so I'm sure students like to use the space to study and get together with friends.

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There's also a World War I monument and a viewing deck of the Mississippi River. But the waterfall is what you're there to find! Find a small trail near the viewing deck. To get to the waterfall, if you're looking at the river you'll continue to the right of the viewing deck. Eventually, you'll come upon a quiet, little waterfall.

Because it's such a tame waterfall you're able to walk over its stream and even walk under the waterfall, which can make for some fun pictures. So if you're in the St. Paul area, try to find Shadow Falls!

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