Believe it or not, the first anniversary of Scott Weiland's (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) passing is approaching this December. To honor the musician, his family is looking to a Minnesota company to create a custom made urn.

Blabbermouth reports, "Scott Weiland's family enlisted Pete Saari of the Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based company Foreverence to create a custom-made urn to hold the late  frontman's ashes. The urn depicts the singer's trademark megaphone that he used onstage at concerts throughout his 30-year career." This isn't the first time Foreverence has done something like this either, they also designed Prince's custom urn and Lemmy Kilmiester's.

Pete told People that working with the family is the secret to his cool creations. They give him the best ideas, and he goes from there. Take a cool at some of the urns they've done below! Scott's is the megaphone one.