It's every parent's worst nightmare: getting a phone call from a mysterious stranger who informs you that your child has been abducted. Unless you're Liam Neeson, that would be a horrifying experience. And unfortunately, it recently happened to a parent in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

When the parent picked up the phone, a crying female was on the other line, pretending to be his daughter and saying she had been kidnapped and tied up in the trunk of a car. That's when the voice of a man told the parent he kidnapped his daughter at a Walmart, and the only way to get her back was to send ransom money through Western Union.

When the police were notified, it was discovered that the call was traced somewhere in Mexico. Luckily for the parent, this call was 100% a scam. Still, it's terrifying to think that there are people out there who will go this far to dupe people. This makes the 15 robocalls I get every day seem tame by comparison.

So the next time you get a phone call like's probably a scam?

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