Rooster's Third Location in Northeast Rochester is Not Going to Open

If you live in Northeast Rochester, you already know that it is tough to find a place to eat in that area.  Right now, you could grab a sandwich at one of the multiple Kwik Trips but if you want to eat at a restaurant, your options are super slim compared to other areas of town. Unfortunately, the options just got a little smaller because the third location for Rooster's in NE Rochester is no longer happening.

Credit: Jessica Williams

I heard through the grapevine a few months ago that the new Rooster's on 37th Street was no longer happening.  The sign in front of their building that was being built disappeared and nothing was shared anywhere about what was happening.I did try to reach out to the company but never heard back from them when I asked.  But, the Post Bulletin had an interview with the owners recently and officially found out that the third location is no longer a thing.  Sounds like something is in the works for that spot already and Jeff Kiger will be sharing that news with all of us soon.

The announcement of the third location came just before the pandemic hit in 2020.  According to the story, the pandemic and the increase in construction costs were the reason behind the decision of pulling this project.

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