There's a flat screen TV you drive past at least once a week. Maybe even every day. And you've never noticed it...but now, I'm going to show it to you and you'll see it every time you pass it. And if you're like me, wonder how you never saw it before!. I found out about it because a friend said they were sitting on the Five West patio and looked over a guy's shoulder, and there, outside, and on the second floor of a bank, he saw the Vikings playing!

According to my friend, it is a 150 Inch Screen. And it's for very special clients of a bank on West Rivier Parkway (kind of across from McDonald's and Aldi's). Here's the bank. Now that you know there's a flat screen there, can you see it?

Here's another view.

Easier to see now, right?

A close up of the building. Imagine watching Moulin Rouge!e (cuz you cancan cannnnn), or any movie your kid's love...but do NOT think about the second Sex and the City movie on that huge screen. No one needs to see anyone's bikini line escapees on a screen that big.