It seems so long ago since the store closed. And it's been vacant so long, I think it has taken on that sad look...making it look smaller than it really is (it's pretty darn big at over 45,000 square feet). Well, good news. At least, I hope it is good news.

The Toys R Us building, right next to the closed Bakers Square Building (near the Apache Mall on Hiway 14), has been sold to two Rochester companies for just under $4 million dollars.

According to city records, E&M Investments and Perk 18 LLC bought the store for $3.9 million dollars. There are no permits in place to do anything with the property, so no news on that front. Jeff Kiger, from the PB, reported the new owners have several options in front of them. What do you think should be done with the building?

Remember when Toys Backwards R Us came to town in 1991?

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