Okay, maybe "new" is a stretch - but he's certainly stirring conversation in our area.

Some of you reading this already know Yung Gravy. If you don't know him, he's from Rochester, but he's also spent time in Madison, Wisconsin. Dude is doing the thing too! Say what you want about his rap or dancing skills (hey, I'm one to talk - I can't do either!), he's already got a video that scored 7 million views on YouTube.

I'll be honest, I just discovered who he was last week when I noticed some chatter on Facebook about his Gravy Train tour, and (quite possibly) his biggest show yet this past weekend.

That's right. He performed during the festivities in Minneapolis this past weekend. He's set to recap that on social media soon. For now, here's a taste of what we missed.

Did you guys know about him? What do you think of his raps?

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