Rochester's craft brewery scene will soon get a fifth player, and that new brewery now has a name.

Seeing as one of my favorite things to do is sample some of Minnesota's many great craft beers-- and there are a lot!-- I was excited to hear about a new brewery set to open in Rochester next year.

Then, earlier this fall, we'd heard just WHERE the new brewery was set to open in northwest Rochester, just off the Douglas Trail. (You can read all about it HERE.) And now, we know what Rochester's fifth craft brewery will be called.

According to its official website (and this story from the Growler), the new Little Thistle Brewery, a project of Steve and Dawn Finnie, is set to open sometime in 2018! And here's the story behind its name:

"The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland, and Steve, born in a small Scottish fishing village, has one tattooed on his back," the story explained. “We like ‘little’ because it’s humble and down-to-earth, but aspiring to do great things,” he explains. “And thistle has been called the humble weed. It’s resilient and strong, but beautiful, too,” Finnie noted in the story.

And, while I'm thinking that's going to be a tough one for me to pronounce-- especially after sampling one of their craft brews-- it's a pretty cool name. And the site, in an old warehouse, should be pretty cool once they get it remodeled too. I'm looking forward to stopping there next year!


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