Wayyyy too many wiener jokes. Or were there?

Karrie from Rochester was a fantastic contestant on Free Beer & Hot Wings' Dumber Than The Show Trivia this week (you know, your chance to win $500!!), and it was hysterical! She chimed in via a webcam to avoid any cheating accusations. I've gotta give it to her! She did well. Take a look at how she did here.

Free Beer & Hot Wings
Free Beer & Hot Wings

Karrie was a good sport, but unfortunately she lost to Steve. However, she put up a good fight! LOTS of steals happened during the game. She was given a free VIP membership too. Oh, and quite a few wiener jokes happened, but that's not exactly news...

Good game Karrie! Rochester, you can play Dumber Than The Show Trivia each week with Free Beer & Hot Wings. Click here if you'd like to play next time. The pot is now $1,000!

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