Ever been out shopping for something you want, only to find out that it's completely sold out? That's pretty annoying. Luckily, it seems like some stores understand your frustration, and they're doing something savvy about it.

According to Business Insider, Walmart has started offering in-store online ordering. Basically, if the item you want isn't in-stock at their store, you can get an employee to order it for you with a special app.They'll then just print off a receipt or e-mail you a barcode that you can use to pay at the register. So instead of having to go home and make an online order, you can just do that in the store along with your other purchases. That seems like a pretty good idea, no?

Since more and more stores are competing with the Internet anyway, it makes sense that businesses will want to make sure everything you need can be found in the store - even if it isn't technically there at the moment.

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