This year, the most challenging part about the Fourth of July wasn’t all the hot dogs I ate (hint: too many), the sunburn on my forehead, or narrowly avoiding disaster when your neighbor doesn’t know how to properly aim his fireworks (I thankfully still have two eyes and ten fingers).

No, the most challenging part about July 4th, 2017 is the fact that it took place on a Tuesday. Utterly brutal for those of us who have to come back into work on Wednesday. It doesn’t exactly ruin the holiday, but for the most part, you still have that voice inside your head that pops up throughout the day. You know that voice. The one that says “You have to work tomorrow.” That voice is the worst.

While it’s relatively impossible to make the Fourth of July a floating holiday, I do think it would be amazing if we could make the Fifth of July a national holiday. Just think about how much of a game-changer that would be. All throughout the Fourth, you can go wild…for America. The next day is all about recovery or travel. But if you were given a choice, would you pick July 5th as a national holiday, or would another day make more sense?

Just to make things interesting, I posed this question to Rochester:

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

That’s a tough choice. It was close at first, but so far the response has largely been in favor of turning the Fifth of July into a national holiday. Listener Dustin votes for the Fifth of July, because “people always light off fireworks until midnight or later and I can’t get to sleep.” Very good point. Z-Rocker Chase had maybe the best/worst point of all: "The 5th because we have the Minnesota Vikings." Ouch. It hurts because it's true.

I really don’t think you can go wrong either way. Come on, Rochester. Let’s take this to the top and make the Fifth of July a day of rest and not having to do anything! And maybe the day after the Super Bowl while we’re at it. We can do this!

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