'Tis the season not just for holiday decorations, gift giving, or furiously scraping the ice off your windshield in the morning. Nay! 'Tis also the season for holiday drinking! And there's a certain place in Rochester that wants to give you the Christmas 'spirit' for dirt cheap.

According to Thrillist, Applebee's is offering $1 'jolly' cocktails for the entire month of December. You can choose between a bright red or bright green Jolly Dolly cocktail - a vodka-infused drink with cheery or green apple Jolly Rancher mix.

Keep in mind, your odds of catching a buzz are substantially lower than your odds of passing out from a sugar crash before your server inevitably cuts you off, but hey! They're just a buck. This is not not a bad option to stave off that holiday stress.

Source: Thrillist

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