The Rochester Police Department is still on the lookout for the driver of a stolen vehicle who also led an officer on a high-speed chase Saturday afternoon. The incident occurred on the 500 block of 37th Street Northwest when an officer clocked the suspect driving 65 in a 45 miles per hour zone.

Despite an attempt by the officer to initiate a traffic stop, the driver continued speeding ahead, eventually turning into a nearby Holiday gas station parking lot. At this point, the driver nearly struck a family, who were forced to jump out of the way of the stolen vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the officer called off the pursuit of the suspect.

One bystander reported witnessing the driver throw a bag of marijuana and 12 oxycodone tablets out of the window.

The stolen vehicle was eventually recovered Sunday morning at the Londonderry Drive/Milborne Lane NW intersection. While police have no suspects at this time, you can help them out by reporting any relevant information about this crime here.

Source: ABC 6 News

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