The Rochester Police Department issued a statement saying that rumors of violent protests striking the city are not substantiated, and they are only aware of peaceful assemblies.

The Rochester Police Department issued a statement Friday afternoon through a Facebook post that stated:

"As people gather to honor the memory of George Floyd, we are only aware of peaceful assemblies. Rumors of violence have not been substantiated. We are working closely with those who have planned these protests to ensure the safety of all involved."

RPD also dispelled a rumor that the National Guard was in Rochester.

"RPD also wishes to dispel rumors that the National Guard is here in Rochester. They are not. An additional rumor has been circulating regarding businesses being boarded up -- this is also not true."

The peaceful vigil for George Floyd will be held on Saturday at 6 pm. It will be held by community members and a consortium of organizations including the Rochester branch NAACP, Rochester for Justice, Diversity Council, Concerned Community Members, Mayo Clinic, CIDI, SMIILD, and the UU Board on behalf of the UU church. It will be available on Facebook Live.

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