Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police officers were called to the Castleview Apartments less than an hour before two tenants were stabbed to death at the complex.

Two officers went to the building around 6:30 PM Saturday to check a report of a verbal altercation between 57-year-old Phillip Hicks and 53-year-old Glenn Johnson. The officers were there about half an hour and left after they thought the dispute had been settled.

Around 7:15, one of the officers was among those sent to the complex to investigate the stabbings. That officer saw Johnson leaving through a rear door and took him into custody.

Police Capt. John Sherwin says Johnson stabbed Hicks in the hallway of the 4th floor while the victim was in his wheelchair. Sherwin says Johnson then went into the apartment of 45-year-old Eric Flemming and attacked him. Both men were later pronounced dead at St. Marys Hospital. All three had apartments on the 4th floor.

Sherwin says surveillance video was used to confirm the hallway stabbing.

Sherwin says the Castleview is well-run by the Salvation Army and a security guard was on the premises during the stabbings.

KROC's Kim David interviewed Sherwin about the stabbings:

Johnson is expected to be charged with murder Tuesday. Sherwin says this was the first double homicide in the city in 22 years.

Hicks was badly injured last October while attempting to cross a busy downtown street. He was struck by a minivan that was sent spinning into the crosswalk when it collided with a pickup truck.

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