Here’s some pretty cool news involving a Rochester native being recognized for something awesome. The Navy recently held a change of command ceremony aboard the USS Minnesota, where Captain Brian Tanaka, the Minnesota’s commanding officer, was relieved of his duty. The cool thing is that Captain Tanaka hails from right here in Rochester, Minnesota. Captain Tanaka had just successfully completed a command tour for the past 50 months, which included overseeing maintenance of the USS Minnesota along with its first deployment.

He also earned several honors, including the Commander Submarine Squadron Four’s Battle E, the Navigation N, and the Capt. Edward F. Ney Award for the best food service in the submarine force. Based on that last award, I think it’s safe to say that Captain Tanaka is probably well liked by his peers.

So congrats to Captain Brian Tanaka on a job well done! Very cool to have someone like him as a hometown hero, no?

Source: DVIDS

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