Hold on to your Skittles because it sounds like cars and appliances aren't the only things experiencing shortages.  Candy, popcorn oil, and pretzels have now made the news as being the next item we are seeing less of and unfortunately for some of those items, it is going to be a problem until Easter of 2022.  Yeah, 7 months from now.  It might not be the best news for your Easter baskets but this is also causing some issues at Rochester, Minnesota movie theaters.


Rochester, Minnesota movie theater writes letter to their valued customers.

CineMagic Hollywood 12 recently posted a message on their Facebook page for their customers explaining the candy shortage:

Valued Patrons:
Please be advised over the past months and continuing many businesses are struggling with national shortages. This extends from restroom supplies all the way to candy and even popcorn oils.
We have been notified in some cases some candy companies are projecting shortages all the way through Easter of 2022.
This is not a matter of a problem with our distributor or our ordering, it is that the companies that produce these items are working with extreme employee shortages, in some cases 30% of their regular work force needs, they simply cannot keep up.
We have been working daily to keep these shortages under control with substitutions but in some cases that may not be possible.
We have seen particular problems with certain candies as well as pretzels. In some other cases our supply costs have skyrocketed, in some cases doubled on some items.
We just wanted to keep you informed of why some items may not be available or may be intermittently available.
Thank you!

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Other Businesses in Rochester, Minnesota Struggling to Find Employees

CineMagic 12 isn't the only place struggling.  Below are a few others that have had to close or reduce their hours just to get through these challenging times with lack of staff:

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Jessica Williams

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