Rochester's Indoor Soccer Complex to Double In Size

A million different puns run through my head as I write this story. My goal is to avoid them all. Minnesota Rush is expanding!


Minnesota Rush is the indoor sports complex on Woodlake Drive SE in Rochester, Minnesota. According to a development plan filed with the City of Rochester, the plan is to expand the 18,000 square-foot space.

How Big Is Minnesota Rush Going to Be?

How it looks nowish - Google

The plan calls for a doubling of the current size, so an 18,000 square foot addition on the northwest corner. It's early days yet, so no completion date is available. However, the filed plans will result in an L-shaped building.

Rabe Art / Google Photo
Artist's conception. Rabe is the artist, so you know. prob look nothing like this. Canva/Google Photo

In January of 2021, Lowery and Soccer World LLC stopped leasing the facility and bought it for $1.2 million. Minnesota Rush's Executive Director is Kevin Lowery.

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