Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been sentenced to five years on probation for a conviction stemming from a gun-related incident and a separate drug case. 22-year-old Demetrious Tankhamvang recently pleaded guilty to a felony terroristic threats charge connected to his arrest following the police response to some incidents, which occurred over a span of about 15 minutes in the early afternoon of February 24th.

In the first case, a St. Paul man reported he was driving with his two young children in the car with him on 55th street northwest when a man driving another car pulled alongside his vehicle and pointed a gun at him. The second call to police involved a man who was confronted by a man pointing a gun at him when he attempted to back out of his driveway in northeast Rochester.

The felony drug offense involved the possession of marijuana that was discovered during a traffic stop last October.

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