Since I moved to Minnesota from my home state of North Dakota back in 2012, it's happened to me once every few months. It's a Sunday, and I'm running errands and shopping for groceries: I decide I'm making spaghetti for dinner, so maybe I'll just pick up a bottle of red w...oh yeah. Never mind.

It's a beautiful Sunday in June. "I should pick up some beer and hang out by the p...oh, that's right. Ugh."

Blue state laws, which prohibit the off-site purchase of alcohol on Sundays, are stupid. As a consumer, I personally can't think of a logical reason why these laws exist. That's why I was excited to see that Rochester just got one step closer to allowing the sale of booze on Sundays. Sunday Fundays are almost back, ya'll!

According to KAAL, the Rochester city council just approved an ordinance that puts an end to local restrictions on alcohol sales. And as soon as they have one more reading, we'll all be able to purchase booze 24/7 when the state ban is lifted in the first week of July.

So basically, in just two months, I'll stop getting occasionally burned by a dumb, antiquated law. Woohoo!


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