This is probably the sweetest that happened during our crazy February 24th blizzard!

Around lunchtime on Friday, I noticed a really interesting post on RST's Facebook page. They were looking for a man who helped them out in a really big way.

Can you imagine helping out that many people!? This man is awesome. For a while, we didn't know who it was that played "snow-plow cabbie" for a day. I'm happy to report that it didn't take long for the man's name to be revealed.

Take a look at what Danielle Teal of Random Acts of Kindness discovered.

We know she's up to something awesome, so we'll keep you posted as to what happens when we meet Steve soon! In the meantime, check out their facebook page.

Yeah, we know the weather is rough and constantly changing, but good Samaritans like Steve bring us a sense of hope. Thank you Steve Yaggy!

Need a break from all of the serious blizzard talk? Feel free to laugh at it with this funny video!

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