This would be awesome, and definitely mean more delicious food in our future!

KAAL TV reports that a meeting was held yesterday to discuss the possibility of creating a "Little Italy" in Rochester. I look at it this way... why not have one? 

Thank you Pasquale's! What an awesome idea! KAAL explains, "The hope is to turn the current Days Inn/Carlton building into a food hall marketplace with restaurants and cooking classes. Their goal is to create a place for visitors and locals alike that is inviting and warm like being in mama's kitchen, like being home."

Of course, Rochester has recently seen an increase in Italian-American residents due to Mayo Clinic and the Destination Medical Center.

Hey, some of us come for the job, too! My great-grandparents came to Pittsburgh from Italy in the early 1900's (from Pizzoferrato and Gamberale, if you're curious). So, my grandparents were first generation. I moved to Rochester in July with my husband.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

To me, the best part about being in Rochester (or, an American for that matter!) is that so many cultures combine to create a close community! A project like this encourages that bond further.

I really hope this happens! Do you?

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