Smiles, Cheers, Laughter, and the Occasional Tear


SPARK Children's Museum in Rochester hosted the 9th Annual Great Cardboard Sled Race Saturday, January 29th at the Rochester Golf and Country Club and we have the pictures to prove it!

The kids and parents had so much fun with this...from dreaming up the sled to sliding down the hill on their imagination's reality, smiling faces, red cheeks, and laughs o'plenty filled the hillside  James Rabe, event judge, said,

" The creativity was off the charts! I only saw one set of tears, and that was from a toddler that didn't want to stop playing in the snow. However, the toddler's older-by-two-years sister, filled with maturity and a loud voice, managed to save the day."

The 2022 SPARK Cardboard Sled Race at Rochester Golf and Country Club

A day for families to see how awesome their homemade cardboard sleds really are.

Speaking of Sleds...Remember Stewartville's Sledding Mail Carrier?

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