They seriously played this gig at 10 AM.... that's like 5 AM musician time.

In case you haven't heard of them, Fall Risk is a new hard-rock/punk band out of Rochester. Here's an actual documented account of me meeting them for the first time back in December!

They're quickly spreading the word about themselves throughout southeast Minnesota, and they're getting big gigs! Their most recent one being Down By The Riverside.

In the middle of this success, they played one of their earliest gigs EVER, but for a good cause.

Fall Risk joined The Hero's Ride over the weekend, which is a 140-mile motorcycle ride that benefits Minnesota veterans. The specific goal is to, "honor our fallen heroes." Fall Risk got the party started at 10 AM!!! That's right... 10 AM! However, that didn't stop them from playing a solid performance. They sent the riders off with good luck.

I've had several musicians tell me that even noon is waaayyyyy early for them. I can't imagine playing a show at 10 AM! Can you?

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