FOUND HIM! ...I think.

Some of you might've seen earlier that I posted a photo of Rob Zombie on our Facebook page asking you guys do incorrectly describe him. You did MORE than that.

One of you sent in a photo of yourself comparing your looks to Mr. Zombie - and I was blown away by the resemblance! Seriously! If I heard his voice, I would have asked him to utter a "yeah!" like Rob does in his songs - only because that's about as much as I understand of them most of the time.

Ladies and gents, here's our look-a-like from right here in Minnesota!

Walter Kurtz via Facebook
Walter Kurtz via Facebook

He goes by Walter E Kurtz on Facebook and he joked about the uncanny resemblance himself, commenting, "I dunno man but that dude is creepy!" Too funny. Solid joke. He doesn't have the dreads, but he could pull off a Rob Zombie "look-a-like" contest anywhere!

In other news, the real Rob is busy with an upcoming tour with Marilyn Manson. Loudwire also reports that he's working on his next movie, saying he's been, "teasing his upcoming film Three From Hell with a number of set photos featuring cast members on his social media. Get your first looks at Otis, Baby, Spaulding and Warden Virgil Dallas Harper."

Thanks for the share (and the laugh), Walter!

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