It's back to the barn for Rob Scallon. The YouTube sensation was last seen strumming away on his banjo taking on Gojira's "The Heaviest Matter of the Universe." But his latest video brings him back to more familiar territory, taking on one of his favorite bands -- Metallica. This time out, Rob tunes up his banjo and gets to plucking on a cover of Metallica's "Fight Fire With Fire."

Sporting overalls, a straw hat, a blonde wig and a fake brown beard, Scallon solemnly strums away on his banjo, a far cry from Metallica, starting off the song, but as he jumps off his fence post and turns the corner of the barn, he joins his hillbilly band for some full on banjo thrash.

Utilizing a similar setup to his recent Gojira banjo cover, Scallon is flanked by a stand-up bass player, multiple drummers and a person playing a miniature violin, while fellow YouTuber Leo Moracchiolli is back belting away in the woods.

Scallon has shown an affinity for Metallica covers in the past, often reserving the month of May for "May-tallica" performances. You can see more of Rob's videos here and for a more in depth look into the creation of some of his clips, visit his secondary YouTube channel here.

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