While I'm normally all about celebrating the wonderful occasion that is Taco Tuesday, I woke up today craving a nice, big, juicy burger. So over the lunch hour, I decided to head over to my favorite Rochester burger joint - Snappy Stop (That's right...I said it).

When I pulled up, the sign advertising their specialty burger for the month of June immediately caught my eye: The John Hardy's Sissy Boy Snappy Burger. As the sign says, it's loaded with John Hardy's BBQ sauce, ranch, bacon, and the usual fixin's. It was an easy choice for me. So when I brought it back to my office...

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

...I'm not lying when I say that it took me less than 30 seconds to shove this burger down my gullet. It's good, man. Out of all the specialty burgers I've tried at Snappy Stop, the Sissy Boy might be my favorite one yet. It's tangy, zesty, and definitely not lacking flavor. There's just something about the way the BBQ sauce mixed in with the ranch that made it pop for me. Really, the only downside with this burger was my breath afterwards. Worth it.

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