Next time you are sitting on your couch, bored, and wondering what there is to do in Rochester, Minnesota this summer, go out on the water!  You'll see remarkable views of Rochester thanks to a whole bunch of boats that you can rent at Silver Lake.

How do people rent the kayaks and paddleboats on Silver Lake in Rochester, Minnesota?

I was driving home the other day through the Broadway detour that goes by Silver Lake and I noticed a whole bunch of people enjoying the gorgeous day as they were cruising around on paddleboats.  I've lived in Rochester for 21 years and have never taken the time to explore the rentals in our town but thanks to a day off yesterday, I figured it out.  FYI, it was awesome and something I'll be doing multiple times this summer with my kids.

4 items you can rent to help you explore Rochester, Minnesota

Go see Rochester, Minnesota from a new perspective! Check out all of these items that you can rent at Silver Lake.

What other spots in Southeast Minnesota have rentals for water fun?

I know that there are tubing places around us that offer rentals.  If you haven't explored that Minnesota fun yet, check the list of 5 spots around us that have great tubing fun waiting for you.  See that list here.  But, where else can you go in the area to rent out boats or other water fun activities?  I'd love to hear your recommendations.  If you could, send those my way to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram.

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If you love waterfalls, check out these 8 spots by Rochester!

Bet you didn't know we had waterfalls nearby, did ya?!  It's true.  There are actually 8 that are very close to Rochester and could be a fun day trip.  See those all below.

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