Seeing as today is Throwback Thursday, here's a glimpse back in time to the year Minnesota's Mall of America first opened its doors.


The Mall of America just celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year, having first opened its doors up in Bloomington in August of 1992, on the site where both the Vikings and the Twins used to play-- in the old Metropolitan Stadium.

Crews broke ground to start construction on the gigantic shopping center waaay back in 1989, so it was big news in Minnesota when MOA opened that late summer in 1992. I was in college at UW-Eau Claire at the time, and remember seeing the coverage of the opening on various Twin Cities TV stations.

MOA, of course, was the largest shopping mall in total area and largest in total store vendors in the United States when it opened in 26 years ago. George H.W. Bush was president then (he'd go on to lose to Bill Clinton in that November's election), and you could get a gallon of gas for around $1.13.

Yeah, things are WAAAY different now than back then, as the vintage 90's vibe in this MOA commercial ("There's a place for fun in your life!") shows. But if you saw that commercial while watching the top sitcom of 1992 (which was... Roseanne) it only proves that the more things change, the more they stay the same!

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