Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Watch your mailbox. Refunds are being processed for thousands of Minnesotans who are former members of MinnesotaCare.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services is planning to begin sending letters and making calls to those members this week.

The department says it will issue $1.8 million in refunds to approximately 24,800 individuals, with the majority of refunds totaling $250 or less.

These refunds result from premium payments made by former MinnesotaCare members and never involved state budget dollars. The action comes after the department recently discovered that some former MinnesotaCare members continued to automatically pay their premiums online after their cases had been closed and that refunds were not issued.

DHS is advising those who paid their premiums online to review their payment set-up and make adjustments as needed, which may include stopping automatic payments if they no longer receive MinnesotaCare or updating the case number on their payment to a new MinnesotaCare case number.

MinnesotaCare covers Minnesotans who earn too much for Medicaid but have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty line. Enrollees pay a maximum monthly premium of $80 for the coverage and have very low out-of-pocket costs.


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