That late March winter storm that took aim at Minnesota Friday ended up sparing Rochester, but dumped a ton of snow on other parts-- and the line separating the two was razor thin!

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service, KTTC, ABC-6 and just about everywhere else were saying that last weekend's storm was going to be a tough one to track. Their computer models were all having trouble agreeing on an exact storm track as late as Friday morning.

And just about all of them said that a slight difference in the track of the storm could have a massive impact on how much snow our area could get. Well, it turns out they were right.

While we dodged a bullet here in Rochester by not getting even one snowflake, just a little under 60 miles near Albert Lea, they were dealing with 6 inches of wet, heavy snow. And parts of north Iowa got really dumped on with over a foot or more of the white stuff!

ABC-6 Meteorologist Chris Kuball posted this satellite photo on his Facebook page that shows just how razor-thin that line was! (Thanks, mainly, he said, to drier air that set up about 30 miles west of where they originally thought it might, which kept all that wet, heavy snow well south and west of the Med City.)

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