It's not every day that we can say royalty is coming to Minnesota, but the Queen of Norway is not only visiting our state but our neck of the woods in southern Minnesota!

Queen Sonja of Norway is currently in Minnesota. She's visiting multiple places during her stay. Today, Thursday, October 13th, she's meeting with Governor Walz. According to WCCO the Minnesota National Guard and the Norweigan Home Guard have been in collaboration for 50 years!

Queen Sonja of Norway Opens Nikolai Astrup: Painting Norway Exhibition
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Then tomorrow, Friday, Queen Sonja will be making the trip down to southern Minnesota. She'll be visiting the one and only St. Olaf College in Northfield. In case you don't know, St. Olaf was founded by Norweigan immigrants in 1874. St. Olaf says the Queen "will meet with St. Olaf students, faculty members, the Board of Regents, and members of the Norwegian-American Historical Association. Her Majesty will also participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Special Collections vault at Rølvaag Memorial Library".

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This is actually Queen Sonja's fourth visit to St. Olaf. The college says that her first visit was in 1978 when she was the Crown Princess of Norway.

Norwegian Royal House Official Photographs 2016
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After St. Olaf, she heads back up to the cities to visit the Norway House in Minneapolis on Saturday. Then on Sunday, she'll be at Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Minneapolis.

I never knew that we had such a connection to Norway, especially with our national guard. It's cool to have a connection like that with another country, especially since so many Minnesotans are of Norwegian descent.

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