With Southeast Minnesota set to get some snow this weekend, it seems like we're just about ready to ease into winter. That means we can look forward to the holidays, warm clothing, tasty soups, random snowball fights, and more!
But for those of you who own property in town, there's one thing the Rochester Public Works Department would like you to keep in mind during the winter: SHOVEL YOUR SIDEWALKS, PEOPLE!

The Public Works Department just sent out a news release reminding all property owners to keep their sidewalks, paths, and pedestrian ramps accessible by keeping them clear from snow and ice. Sadly, they're not asking out of the kindness of your heart - it's actually required.

From the news release:

Rochester City Ordinance 72.02 requires property owners with a public sidewalk or path abutting their property to fully remove snow and ice within 24-hours after a snowfall. The full sidewalk must be free of snow and ice and pathways must have a clear path that is at least 5 feet wide.

So what happens if you don't do this?

If the Public Works Department receives a complaint that snow and ice have not been removed from a sidewalk or path, the complaint will be investigated. If a violation exists upon inspection, the property owner will receive a $40 Administrative Fine citation and a bill for the cost to remove snow and ice.

TLDR: You have 24 hours to clear your sidewalks unless you want to pay a $40 fee AND the cost to remove snow and ice. 

On the bright side? When you're shoveling, just fire up our free app to officially get that "I have to shovel my sidewalk so I don't have to pay a fine" playlist going.

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