A couple driving in their car a few days ago near Kenosha Wisconsin which is near the Wisconsin/Illinois border happened to notice something odd up in the sky. The female in the car who was a passenger was doing her best to video the strange sight and to give a narrative to the male driver as well as they decided to drive and follow these strange lights.

The website Ultimate Unexplained posted the video and gave their explanation of what these strange string of lights could possibly be far off in the distance. It seems everyone can agree that one of the lights to the fat left of the video is an airplane but the lights in question are off to the right of the screen and are a few lights stacked on top of each other and do not seem to move.

The initial observation form Ultimate Unexplained said they thought it was possibly Starlink Satellites which is a broadband Internet company, but they went on to say " they are normally seen looking like a line of lights. This video takes a strange turn when the large cluster on the right suddenly just disappears."

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As you can see in the video it is clear their is a cluster of round lights on top of each other that then turn into fireworks which seem to hang in the sky for quite a long time, then disappear. My favorite part of the video is the commentary form the little girl in the car who sees the lights and the fireworks as well.

Now even though I am not a fan of going into space, I have watched enough science fiction movies and TV shows to realize that this seems awfully odd. Watch the video and see for yourself. What do you think the lights could be?

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