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Anyone in law enforcement is used to dealing with break-ins and intruders, but this 'wild' intruder at a nursing home in central Wisconsin was one most officers probably don't often see.

Being that I'm a Wisconsin native, I still follow what's going on in my hometown of Wausau. It's located in central Wisconsin, about 3-and-a-half hours northeast of Rochester-- in a drive I know well.  I'm also still interested in law enforcement, seeing as my dad served as a police officer back home for over 30 years. Which is no doubt why this Facebook post from the Wausau Police Department caught my attention.

Why, it's enough to make you say "Oh dear!" That's because Wausau police officers earlier this week responded to call of a whitetail deer that had crashed through a window at a local assisted living facility.

Now THERE'S a call you probably don't get too often. According to the post on the Wausau police Facebook page, "Although the deer appeared to have sustained a couple of small cuts from the glass, the officers were able to successfully get her back to her natural habitat without any further harm," the post said.

You can watch the police bodycam video below. I'm impressed with how calmy they were able to work together to get the deer back outside. And, of course, I'll pause here to let you make up your own 'Jane Doe' joke here too. ;)

And while wrestling a deer-- even a smaller female, doe deer-- can be a bit tricky, as the video can attest, at least deer don't appear on the list of Deadliest Animals in the World. Keep scrolling to see which animals you'll definitely want to avoid-- no matter where you are!

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