Rochester, I didn't think we needed to have this conversation. I would feel pretty comfortable making a bet that most people in Minnesota don't eat squirrel brains. But maybe I just grew up in a household where eating squirrel brains is kind of weird! Maybe your neighbor, co-worker, or best friend eats squirrel brains! You never know. So that's why I thought I should make this public service announcement:

Don't eat squirrel brains, Rochester. Because apparently that's what people in the other Rochester are doing.

I bring this up after a 61-year-old man in Rochester, NY died from "an extremely rare and fatal brain disorder" that led to him losing touch with reality and no longer being able to walk. After some testing, doctors ended up discovering that the man had suffered from a disease known as vCJD. The most likely cause of the disease? Eating squirrel brains. According to the man's family, he was an avid hunter who was no stranger to eating squirrel brains. Because that is apparently a thing.

So Rochester - Minnesota - I'm begging you. Don't eat squirrel brains. Unless you want symptoms that include depression, anxiety, memory loss, personality changes, impaired thinking, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty speaking. Maybe just stick to chicken.

Source: KCCO

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