Today my coworker Scotty and I were in the mood for some ‘za, so we decided to head a couple blocks over to Pasquale’s. I’ve been here a few times since I moved to Rochester, and it’s already one of my favorite spots for a quick slice of pizza. This stuff is soooo good.

I ordered New York-style slices of cheese (a.k.a. The Kevin McCallister) and the Bianca (also known as the “White Pie”).

Credit: TSM Rochester

…I inhaled the cheese slice before I realized that I forgot to take a picture of it for this article. Whoops. That’s probably a compliment, because this pizza is pretty great.

The Bianca is a little unconventional – it contains olive oil, garlic, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and fresh basil. It’s pretty rich, so one slice is more than enough. But still – good stuff, especially if you’re a fan of cheese pizza with a little fanciness to it.

By the way, the just put up a patio outside, so a great lunch spot just got even better. Definitely going back to try a calzone next week.

Credit: TSM Rochester