Whenever anyone posts something like this, it's always pretty shocking!

We all know that it's "polite" to observe "separation of church and state" within our schools. According to a Facebook post that I noticed, someone (or a group of people) decided to completely overlook that, and post some very noticeable artwork in the school.

Todd Schmitz Korvela via Facebook
Todd Schmitz Korvela via Facebook

Shocking? Inappropriate? My opinion: all of the above.

What's so "shocking" about it? It's not the political views themselves (to each their own). The problem is that to my knowledge, this artwork wasn't part of an assignment at the school. It also seemingly has no place in a school environment.

Who cares what your political opinions are? If you're in a political science class - debate them, sure! However, this just didn't seem to serve any other purpose than to antagonize those who felt differently - and that's why I don't agree with this being posted.

In this country, you are constitutionally allowed to do this. I'm grateful for that - but c'mon, isn't there an unspoken time and place? Isn't there an unspoken code of responsibility here?

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